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About me

I live in a town in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem with my partner Q. I’m a journalist who writes about science and my portfolio can be found here.

A conversation with me may touch on the following:

cheese, wanderlust, sexuality, parasites, California, Scientific American, maps, stem cells, peanut butter, smells (hair, the back of Q’s neck, rain, orange peels), peonies, bittersweet chocolate, storms, fish, peppers, libraries, radio, belly buttons, tree-identification guides, Yellowstone, the awkward grace of wrists and ankles, coffee, siblings, gene transcription, Italy, gender, fossils, proteomics, artichokes, India, being upside-down, etymology, espresso, insects, Thailand, National Geographic, sex, neurons,  meadows, burping, evolution, religion, sleeping, gullies, Ithaca, journals, uncertainty, drawing, geology

On artichokes:

“If you grab a thorny variety incorrectly, you might get a nasty poke. If you lick your fingers after working with raw artichokes, you will be surprised by a pungent bitterness. To most, getting to the heart of the artichoke, its most succulent part, is a challenge.” (cheftalk)

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  1. May 6, 2013 10:38 am

    You might find the following interesting:

    Platonism Is the Law of the Land, David A. Edwards


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