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The Panic Virus and GMOs

April 30, 2011

Biofortified is a very well written and knowledgeable blog about agriculture, plant genetics and genetic engineering. Read it for the expert commentary– which extends even into the comment section.

Biofortified’s recent post compares the anti-vaccine movement to anti-GMO movement: The Panic Virus: By doing nothing we are doing something:

We should all strive to fully understand how we can avoid the mistakes of the past. We should all try and do no harm. And in Panic Virus there are instructive lessons for both sides of the vaccine and the GMO debates that can help us all avoid doing harm. To borrow Paul Offit‘s aphorism, we all need to remember that by doing nothing we are doing something. By attempting to stop remedies for great ills we can do enormous harm. Tragically, the anti-vaccine crusade, despite being undoubtedly driven by the best of intentions to do good, has caused the resurgence of measles and whooping cough and many unnecessary infant deaths. These are genuine and horrible consequences of not using vaccines which demand careful attention to the full scientific evidence by all involved in public communication on these issues, especially communication through the internet. In the GMO debate, this vaccine history should make us all pause to consider the harmful consequences of not using new crops such as Golden Rice, which also promise, like vaccines do, to save infant lives.

Interesting– the post and the blog are well worth the read.

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