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music of the moment

November 7, 2009

I love when a song fits into your life, like it should be the soundtrack of your movie. Perhaps the idea that your own life is fascinating enough to be a movie is narcissistic, but I don’t really believe that is the case. If you aren’t fascinated to some degree with your own life, you aren’t maintaining the interest and happiness you need to get through the days. I would link to these songs if I knew how… but if you go to lala you can listen to the whole song once for free. These are a few songs that have been knocking around my head these past weeks.

Float On– Modest Mouse

Don’t you worry we’ll all float on. I love the bouncy beat and the edgy vocals in this. Calming message, a little intense feeling. The song speaks to my nervousness at not having a paycheck yet, but knowing that it will be coming soon.

I was Young When I Left Home– by Antony and Bryce Dessner

This cover of Bob Dylan’s song is great. Antony (of Antony and the Johnsons) has a lovely haunting voice. The song makes me homesick, but in a quiet and accepting way. I also like Antony and the Johnsons’ song Hope There’s Someone. This kind of music takes over my atmosphere.

Los Angeles, I’m Yours– The Decemberists

As I, a country-born, naive youngster, search for my place in this confusing city I need to listen to this song. I love Colin’s awkward and beautiful voice, the lyrics of disgust and admiration for a glittering and seedy city, and the beat, pushing you toward the same conclusion. Los Angeles, I’m yours.

The Crowd– Cat Empire

Next week I’ll be going to a concert of my favorite Aussie band. The Crowd starts slow and with a quirky sound that picks up and makes me want to dance. It is happy and freeing.

Oh Darling– The Beatles

After seeing Across the Universe, Q and I sing this song to each other. Or Q sings and I come in with an obnoxious rendition of the guitar– “Oh Darling” he sings “BUANG!” I shout. I don’t really know why, but that is what happens. Our roommate probably hates it.
Maybe Sparrow– Neko Case

Neko Case is awesome. I love her voice and her sexy sexy red hair. She was our favorite vocalist for the cross-country drive. She is true to the country and folk-song roots of our country, with rockin’ beats and aching beauty. If I could, I would follow Neko Case around, but I think that is illegal. Also listen to This Tornado Loves You.

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