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Stories that stuck (meme)

October 17, 2009

Kate Inglis, is one of the fantastic bloggers I read. She has written a book about pirates! She is a beautiful person and a talented writer, and I can’t wait to read her book. It sounds like the kind of book that I have always enjoyed and would like to write. Anyway, she has a cool looking meme here. And I’m doing it now:

1)  You are facing an epic journey. You may choose one companion, one tool and one vehicle from any book or film to accompany you. Or just one of the three. It’s up to you. What do you choose?

My companion is Gandalf, because wisdom is more important that having a warrior to protect you. Of course, Gandalf will kick ass if it comes down to it, but he will also help me grown and learn while providing companionship. We can have tea and discuss philosophy and science, or drink scotch and smoke cigars or enjoy good food. Man, Gandalf rocks. My tool is The Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer from Neal Stephenson’s Diamond Age, and we are traveling in the Great Glass Elevator! Wow. I need to read this story.

2)  You can escape to the insides of any book. Where do you go, and why?

Narnia. During the reign of King Peter et al. Then Narnia is well established and experiencing a great rebirth after the terrible winter of the White Witch. I imagine that time would be like a Renaissance. Cair Paravel also sounds like a beautiful place. I imagine it to be like a castle on the Mediterranean only better. Nymphs, centaurs, fauns, music, life, wine, food.

3)  You can bring one literary character into your current life. Who do you choose, and why?

Clearly, Gandalf again. A mentor, a friend, and one who appreciates the beauty of life. For sure. If only there were a younger version of Gandalf to go clubbing with…

4)  Neil Gaimen’s The Sandman is my go-to book. I could read that book fifty-seven times in a row without a break for food or a pee and not be remotely bored. In fact I’ve already done that but it wasn’t fifty-seven times. It was sixty-four.

5)  Of all the literary or film characters that made an impression on you as a kid, who was the most enviable?

I loved Robin Hood in all incarnations. The book, the Disney movie, anything. I was absolutely furious when a boy at my preschool said that I couldn’t be Robin Hood because I was a girl. Stupid boy.

6)  Of all the literary or film characters that made an impression on you as a kid, who was the most frightening?

The Red Bull from The Last Unicorn. I never got to read the book–mostly because I only realized it was a book in the last year–but in the movie it was terrible. I had nightmares every time I watched it. Unfortunately I loved the movie so much I HAD to watch it. That bull roars, you know. And you can see his SPIT when he does! Gah!

7)  Every time I read The Lord of the Rings, I see something in it that I haven’t seen before.

8 )  It is imperative that Ronia the Robber’s Daughter (by Astrid Lindgren) be made into a movie. Now. I am already picketing Hollywood for this—but if they cast Dakota Blue Richards (Lyra in TGC movie) as Ronia, I will not be happy. I will, however, be appeased if they cast Saoirse Ronan.

9)  Inkheart is a book that should never be made (or should have never been made) into a film. Or rather, it could have been made if they didn’t case BRANDEN FRASER as Mo. That is veryveryvery bad because he is in the Mummy and as far as I can tell can’t act. Although Paul Bettany as Dustfinger sounds great. DISCLAIMER: I have not actually seen this movie.

10)  After all these years,the creepy monster with the eyes in his hands scene in the book/movie Pan’s Labyrinth still manages to give me the queebs. I think this movie and I are both too young for the ‘all these years’ part of the statement.

11)  After all these years, the MUSIC scene in the book/movie The Lord of the Rings still manages to give me a thrill.

12)  If I could corner the author Roald Dahl, here’s what I’d say to them one minute or less about their books, GAHH! In the best possible sense of the … noise.

13)  The coolest non-fiction book I’ve ever read is Woman: an Intimate Geography by Natalie Angier . Every time I flip through it, it makes me want to lift weights, save babies, save the WORLD, be the strongest and healthiest I can be. I actually wrote a letter to Natalie Angier after finishing this, but I think that it was too over-the-top enthusiastic that she placed me in the ‘potential stalker’ file.

FUN. Again– I can’t wait for The Dread Crew: Pirates of the Backwoods!

And check out Kate Inglis’s blog sweet/salty. Her writing is luminescent.

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  1. October 18, 2009 10:04 pm

    Oh I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned Gandalf yet. You’re so right – he’s perfect for cookie-sharing as well as ass-kicking.

    Love your edits to accommodate your most excellent answer for #11. And OMG OMG OMG oh god no. You mentioned the fairy-eater from Pan’s Labyrinth right before I’m off to bed. Major heebie jeebies. Shaking it off.

    Your non-fiction book sounds absolutely fascinating – I’m sold. Have to go and look that up. But if it inspires me to get exercise, I’m holding you responsible. I like the couch.

    Such blushingly kind words too. Thank you, marissa. So sweet. I’m honoured.

  2. October 28, 2009 10:36 am

    Oh, I loved that Natalie Angier book!


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