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August 13, 2008

As someone who lately has shunned all blogging endeavors by her friends (quietly shunned, so as not to offend), and also as someone who used to blog about any and every nonsense that filled my head, I now feel inexplicably shy as I begin my first post.

Of course, that was a terribly convoluted and painful sentence to begin with.

I’d like this to be a real blog. One that is for me. I want to be able to look back on my entries and be reminded of the truths I’ve learned, the mistakes I’ve made, the gradual (I hope) improvement in my writing, and also of precious memories.

I also hope that it will be interesting for anyone who happens to stumble upon my musings.

So I’ll start with a snapshot:

I’m a couple weeks away from the beginning of my senior year at Cornell University. The world is streaching out before me, rippling with immensity and possibilities. If I let myself pause, I breathe in deep and feel a wild, expanding bubble of life buoying me up. After now, the world begins. There are no more proscribed steps for me and no easy ways to take. I make my life now.

I feel incredibly grateful to whoever it is that I should feel grateful to for my life so far. I grew up on a dairy farm in the Fingerlakes region of New York, an area where corn fields, cows, vineyards, hills, and long, deep glacial-carved lakes present themselves so regularly that the inattentive viewer forgets their wonder. Yes, cows are full of wonder.

I dream of traveling, speaking different languages, writing novels and poetry, having children, being strong and steadfast, and spending my time with a beautiful person.

I spend my time now scribbling in the margins of my chemistry notes, wondering if I’ll ever complete a story or a REAL work of art, cooking, laughing, crying, dreaming, forgetting, caring, studying, and singing. Sometimes I remember to exercise and be strong.

In this here blog, I want to remind myself that what I think is worthy of being thought, that only work stands between accomplishing my dreams, and that I love life.

I hope to write about science, cooking, traveling, cultures, dreaming, relationships, and art.

May this be the last time I write so many lists.

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